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Your Donations

Booster donations support all our sports teams.

Boosters raised roughly $56,000 for Rolling Meadows Athletic Teams in 2019.  That money was used to help purchase items that coaches request.

See below for examples of how Boosters has supported our Athletic Teams.

2018/2019 Allocation of Funds

Item Invoice Amount
Swimming fins $167
Football Endzone camera upgrade $1,694
Softball Pitching Machine $1,257
Badminton rackets restrung/regripped $456
Golf Bags for the Varsity Boys team $1,364
Wrestling under level uniforms/mat movers $1,957
Tennis Banners $12
Tennis Uniform tops $473
Bowling feel swing trainer/wrist supports $167
Gymnastics Vault Anchor Mat $519
Baseball Scoreboard $9,000
Concession stand induction burners/popcorn poppers $1,171
Video Editing Software for several programs $8,500
NFHS Pixellot Video system for the main gym and stadium $5,000
Baseball Bubba Batting Cage $2,519
Summer Leagues $5,000
Soccer Benches with Shelves $1,932
Soccer Practice Goals $8,068

2018 Purchases

We were happy to contribute $23,000 for the 2018 stadium improvements as well as distributing money to the teams!

2017 Purchases

HUDL Video editing for multiple teams $2,640.00
Boys Basketball Frosh Uniforms $1,542.53
Wrestling Scale $1,199.99
Tennis Wind Screens $781.64
Cheer Uniforms $2,400.00
B/G Basketball Krossover (Video-Editing) $1,942.92
Football Tackle Wheel & Pads $775.06
Badminton Rackets $270.00
B/G Swimming Warm Ups $2,170.80
Comp. Dance   $1,200.00
Boys Soccer Mini Goals $288.00
Gymnastics Padding, Pads, Tumbl Trak bar $1,913.40
Summer Leagues League Fees $5,000
Fitness Center Equipment  
Stadium Flags    

2016 Purchases

Summer Leagues League Fees $5,000.00
Sports Facilities Improvements Gym Banners $8,075.00
Competition Dance Uniforms $1,200.00
Wrestling Recondition Mats $2,880.00
Training Game Ready Kits $1,325.00
Badminton Rackets $315.00
Boys Gymnastics Mats $2,245.00
Boys and Girls Basketball Krossover Video Editing $1,945.00
Boys and Girls Volleyball Uprights $3,950.00
Boys and Girls Tennis Windscreen $155.00
Cheerleading Spirit Shirts $825.00
Bowling Wrist Supports $145.00
Boys and Girls Golf Rain Suits $8,590.00
Boys and Girls Swimming Medicene Balls $1,700.00
HUDL: FB, BBK , GBK, WR, BTR, VB, GWP, BWP, BTN Video Editing $2,650.00

Donations Examples from Years Past

MAIN GYM Scorer’s Table, Scoreboard, Sound System
STADIUM Scoreboard
FILM ROOM HUDL software, laptops, dub machine, Hi-Pod parts, video cameras
TOUCH PRO SYSTEM All-Conference, All-State Photos on a web based system.
ATHLETIC TRAINER Impact Software, wet globe kit, A-frame drinking fountain, plyoback rebounder, medicine balls, water boy, wheelchair, drive sled, vest, medball/bosu ball rack, pulse oximeter
BADMINTON nets, skorts, warm-ups, rackets, f/s uniforms
BASEBALL batting cage for field house, batting cage replacement net, pitching machine, custom on deck circles, stadium batting cage rebuild
BOYS BASKETBALL ball lockers, frosh uniforms, (2) shoot-away (shared with girls), portable scoreboards, flooring for team room
GIRLS BASKETBALL warm ups, training supplies, back boards (shared with boys), frosh basketball uniforms
BOWLING bags, wrist supports
CHEER vacuum, handspring trainer, 2 rolls of flooring, strips for floor, portable sound system, competition mat, poms
BOYS/GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY materials for chute, tent (GCC)
FOOTBALL sled, (2) end zone camera, headphones, sled pads, shed
BOYS GOLF shirts, banner, rain suits, bags, teaching mat
GIRLS GOLF bags, warm ups, golf clubs, teaching mat
BOYS/GIRLS GYMNASTICS horizontal bar, pommel horse, parallel bar trainer, pommel top, uneven bars, score flashers, wedge, twisting belts, parallel blocks, tumbl track, mats, vault board
GIRLS SOCCER kwik goals
SOFTBALL screen and pitching mat, pop up nets, batting tees, batting cage, scoreboard, pitching machine, sound system, replacement batting cage net
BOYS/GIRLS SWIMMING fins, gloves, watches, Hytek software, computer, trainers, leashes, warm-ups, tubing, lane line flags, zommers, paddles
BOYS/GIRLS TENNIS tent, cart, rollers, shed, ball machine
BOYS/GIRLS TRACK Hytek software, high jump standards, pole vault standards, pole vault mat and safety max collar, high jump pad
BOYS/GIRLS VOLLEYBALL aircat drill machine, team attack
WRESTLING mats refurbished, new mat

Donations by Year

Booster Donations by Year
2018-2019 – $56,000
2017-2018 – $42,000
2016-2017 – $30,000
2015-2016 – $36,000
2014-2015 – $25,000
2013-2014 – $30,000
2012-2013 – $25,500
2011-2012 – $30,000
2010-2011 – $46,000
2009-2010 – $36,000
2008-2009 – $40,000
2007-2008 – $22,000
2006-2007 – $20,000
2005-2006 – $12,000
2004-2005 – $9,600